Saturday, March 27, 2010

Quick Denali Update

Current Availability as of April 7, 2010

Denali, West Buttress Expeditions:

April 27-May 17: 3 spaces available
May 3- 23: 1 space available
May 10-30: 1 space available
May 17-June 6: FULL
May 24-June 13: FULL
May 31-June 20: FULL
June 2- June 22: FULL
June 7-June 27: FULL
June 14-July 4: FULL
June 21-July 11: 2 spaces available
July 4- July 24: 3 spaces available

Interested in joining AMS for a climb on Denali's West Buttress?

The success of a Denali expedition relies on factors in our control and out of our control. The weather is out of our control. Being physically fit and having the necessary prior experience is in our control. A strong team member is able to a carry a 60 lb. backpack, has winter camped for extended periods, is confident in the use of crampons and an ice axe, and has been on climbs requiring roped glacier travel. A healthy sense of humor and compassion for your fellow climber are also favorable attributes.

To Apply, please complete and return an AMS Application Form and an Expedition Questionnaire: they both can be found on our website:

We will get back in touch with you to discuss the details of the climb and the nature of high altitude climbing in Alaska.

tel: 907-733-1016
fax: 907-733-1362

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