Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Quick Update, April 28

Kevin Mahoney just called in from his camp in the upper West fork of the Ruth Glacier. Kevin and Don summitted Peak 11,300 last night. They spent one night in a tent on the route and then another one on the summit last night. He said they were wallowing in thigh deep snow today on the decent.

Melis, Joey, Steve, Larry and Jon (our first Denali Expedition) are at the bottom of ski hill. Assuming ther weather is good enough tomorrow they will most likely make a carry to the top of ski hill. We'll see how often Melis calls in with reports. All three of the climbers on the expedition have their own sat phones and her husband, Joey, is the assistant, so we might not here from them too often.

Very busy around here these days, so it's been a little hard to update lately.

Nate Opp and Seth Hobby are both in at the base of Huntington. Nate and Steve are in camp right now waiting for it to stop snowing so they can launch for the Harvard. Regardless of the weather , I'm sure they are having a good time. Nate and Seth are pure entertainment, as well as being sick climbers and guides.

all for now.

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