Thursday, May 27, 2010

Back to the Green

Lots of people flying off The Mountain and arriving in Talkeetna. The trees are fully leafy now, a shock to people who have been looking at snow for 3 weeks. Todd Passey, Alex Stroud, Ken & Carlos are here munching on watermelon and thinking about a shower and a steak, or two. Two showers, and two steaks. They are all smiles!

We have people at Base Camp staged to fly back to Talkeetna, and hoping that the weather cooperates. A little afternoon thundershower is about to blow in from the east. Rodrigo, Sissel & Jeffrey are due to be in the next wave.

Mark Postle's group has been relaying messages via satellite phone. We heard today that they made a bid for the summit but decided to go back to high camp. We'll see what they decide to do next.

We'll keep posting news when we get it!
~Blogger Julia

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