Friday, May 28, 2010

Busy Bee Hive

AMS Guides Nate Opp, Larry Holmgren, Brian Skean, with climbers Ken & Dan are all now back in Talkeetna, trying to avoid sunburn. It's 70 degrees F in the shade!

While they unload and sort dirty laundry, AMS Guides Kirby Senden and Russell Hunter are preparing for their May 31 West Buttress Expedition. They will have a team of 4 climbers. Lead AMS guide Greg Collins has a West Buttress team that launches on May 30, so the guides are deeply into packing mode today.

AMS Guides Brent Langlinais and Todd Tumolo, with climbers Chad, Ed, Jason, Tary and John called in just as I was writing. Today they carried to 13,500 feet, going back down to 11,000 feet to sleep. They report that "everything is going perfect and everyone is doing well". They plan to move to 14,200 feet tomorrow.

The weather is great today.

~Blogger Julia


Anonymous said...

I know you had an nearly absolute air tight alibi on M-day, but never to late to call and pretend it is today (everyday is M-day). Now, what about a moose hunt 10/3-14?

Anonymous said...

No news is good news but this first news is the best news. Glad all is going perfect.