Friday, May 21, 2010

decipher and updates

I couldn't figure out the spacing for the photos and the descriptions for the post below. Those of you who are following any of the folks below should be able to match the descriptions with the photos.

AND in the meantime I got a call from Rodrigo at High camp. He said that they had been hoping to go for it today, but that it was windy up above until about noon. so Rodrigo, Sissell and Jeff are going to rest at high camp and try for the summit tomorrow, weather dependent.

Todd Passey's team is moving up today and I believe Nate Opp is was well, according to Rodrigo.

There is some tent swapping going on between 14K and 17K. Mike Janes was able to leave his tents set up for the teams that are moving up today. That seriously cuts down on the pack weights of the groups heading up and down.

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