Monday, May 10, 2010

Greg Collins and the Advanced Mountaineering Course

Denali is the peak dominating the background with the Cassin in the center. East Kahiltna Peak is in the middle ground with part of Mount Ferancis in the foreground. The S. Ridge East Kahiltna Peak is the obvious steep corniced knife edge ridge leading directly up to the summit.

Greg Collins with the Advanced Mountaineering Course just called in. They are back in Kahiltna Base Camp after what he described as a BIG excellant climb. I believe they spent 27 hours on route. They encountered arduous trail breaking, difficult highly technical climbing and spent a night in a snow cave on route. They climbed the S. Ridge of East Kahiltna Peak, a super proud route that is rarely climbed. It is quite close in proximity to Base Camp but comparatively very remote. It is accessed by heading up the East Fork of the Kahiltna Glacier. If they had good vis from the summit of the peak they will all have very good photos of the Cassin Ridge on Denali as well as lots of other spectacular views. Everyone is "exceedingly happy" about their climb and they should be. Nicely done!

Once they get out I'll try to post some more photos of their climb.


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