Thursday, May 13, 2010

Here is Melis Coady and Joey McBrayer and their crew back in Talkeetna after their Denali Expedition. They all had fun and have become very good friends. There are a lot of goals to shoot for on any expedition, but returning as great friends is one of the top goals, it makes any expedition a great time.

Rodrigo Mujica, Sissel and Jeff pictured here the day they flew into the Range. Rodrigo has guided Denali a ton of times. He was guiding Denali a lot in the 80's and 90's. Often 2 and 3 expeditions per season. He has been concentrating his time, as of late, guiding in South America, Antarctica and Europe. It had been a few years since we had seen him up here, but we were psyched to have him on board with us this season. Rodrigo called in saying he was at 11K last night. He also said that he saw Mark Postle and his gang while they were making a carry to 10,000 feet yesterday.

Nate Opp, Larry Holmgren and Brian Skean are pictured here with Ken and Dan. I haven't heard from Nate yet, but he is not the most phone happy guide we have, to say the least. He is one of the most excited, motivated and down right funny in Nate's own way. Larry guided 3 back to back Aconcagua expeditions this past winter, so we know he is a machine at altitude and Brian co-guided Mount Hunter last season for AMS. Mount Hunter is a very difficult mountain to get to the top of and has been guided only a few of times. I wish I was on their expedition last year!

Here are a few of our guides that were around the other day and someone actually grabbed a camera. From left to right starting in the back row. Mark Postle, Matt Montavon, Dustin English, Nick D'ellesio, Todd Passey, Alex Stroud, Rob Gowler, front row: Julia March Crocetto, Brian Skean, Colby Coombs, Rodrigo Mujica, Dustin Eroh, Larry Holmgren. AMS has over 60 guides. They are not all here at the same time, but over the course of the season we see quite a few different guides pass through our doors, they are great. Had we remembered, we could have taken a picture today with more guides!

Peter Anderson and Nick D'Alessio start packing for their Denali Expedition tomorrow afternoon and Our May 12 day Mountaineering Course meets tomorrow morning to gear check and get ready to fly into the mountains in the afternoon.

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