Monday, May 17, 2010

High camp

I talked to Nate Opp briefly earlier today. They are doing well. Nate is a man of few words.

Mike Janes and the rest of his crew headed up to High Camp this morning. I talked to him a bit this evening. They arrived and were able to move into some half built walls up there. They were just beefing them up now and melting some snow for water. They are planning on taking a rest day tomorrow. Sounded like a really nice day up there. Nate's, Rodrigo's and Todd's teams are all at 14K now.
Peter Anderson, Nick D'Alessio flew into Base Camp with Nav, Eddie, Trent, Alex, Geoff, and Shawn. This is a photo of part of the lunch spread that the Denali And Summit for Someone climbers had before they flew into the mountains. Each of our expeditions and courses enjoy one last "real" meal prepared at AMS before they go onto the glacier, sometimes for weeks at a time. We actually eat really good food in the mountains as well.

In this photo Seth Hobby checks Matt and Larry's gear. Matt and Larry are both with Summit For Someone. Summit For Someone raises Money for the Big City Mountaineers. Seth always takes lots of really good photos, so stay tuned for those.

Two of our guides, Melis and Joey just flew into the range to go climb the Cassin Ridge on Denali. The Cassin is the center most ridge in the photo. They were planning on heading up to 14K on the Buttress and waiting for a good weather window. It sounds like the good weather might hold for the next week or so. Then they'll go up the the West Rib Cut off and down climb the lower West Rib; that will put them just about at the base of the Cassin.

Here Beth and Justin prepare sleds for the season. We spend a lot of time rigging our sleds so they are ready for what they surely weren't originally intended for. Beth and Justin are our two interns from Alaska Pacific University (APU). They are here for the summer as part of their outdoor program at the school. They help out with everything and anything aropund AMS during the main season. They work hard and learn a lot about the guiding and outdoor education community.

Peter and Nick's crew just before take off.

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