Monday, May 31, 2010

High Camp

AMS Guides Peter Anderson and Nick D'Alessio thier team are all doing well at high camp (17,200') . They are holding tight waiting for their perfect weather window. The weather hasn't been all that bad lately, but it hasn't been perfect either. They are not in any hurry right now so they are going to wait for a good weather pattern. Peter called in and sounded as though he was in the next room when he called, crystal clear, if I didn't know better I would not have guessed he was at 17K on Denali. It was blowing about 30 to 40 MPH earlier and it was about 20 below zero last night. Calm for most of the day, from noon onward. So I am sure they are getting in some good rest in their tents (even with the winds it can be pretty warm in the tents) and walking around in camp to get their blood moving.

That's pretty normal for this time of year. These guys are completely acclimated to the altitude and cold by now. Minus twenty Fahrenheit will feel just a little cold, with all of their gear on. Although, it was cold enough for Peter to at least note that it was their coldest night so far. It was lightly snowing off and on when I was talking to him.

AMS Guides Brent and Todd and the May 23rd Team are hoping to make a carry tomorrow to the top of the fixed lines. They did a back carry today to retrieve the rest of their kit at 13.5K. I got that update from Peter, so no new news directly from Brent or Todd. No new news is always good news, truly.

I know everyone out there tracking friends and family are keen to know everything that's going on up there. Keep in mind that it's pretty darn nice to just disconnect from us low landers for a short while. They are in their own little world up there. They call in occasionally, but they are in constant contact with guides and other climbers at various locations on the "hill".

The photo above is the view from 17,200' (high camp) looking at climbers climbing up the ridge, towards high camp. The climbers are at aprox. 16,800' in this picture.

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