Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mike Janes and his team arrived at 14K last night around 8:00 PM. They delayed there departure from 11K yesterday until around 2:00 Pm due to high winds early on. They made it to 14K from 11 in about 6 hours. That's a pretty darn good time. They had a bit of a head wind the whole way to camp, but everyone faired really well. They woke up early this morning to beef up their walls. It was quite windy last night and it sounded as if the winds were still blowing a bit. Mike said that if it got nice today they would go get their stuff that they had cached a few days ago at 13.5 (back carry). Otherwise they would take a rest day today and continue to fortify camp and do the back carry tomorrow. I'm sure they are stoked to be at 14K.
Here a group rolls into 14K. Not everyone drags a sled to this camp and those who do keep them light and very low profile, otherwise they are very unwieldy and not worth dragging.



MMC said...

If you talk to Melis, give her a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY from her sister Marge and all the Coadys!

Anonymous said...

Give Dusty Eroh a shout-out from his brother Mike. Tell him that his other Bobby is back from Iraq today.