Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mike Janes West Buttress Team

Mike Janes just phoned in from the 14, 200' camp. He and his team carried up the fixed lines today and cached their extra gear, food and fuel at the top of the fixed lines. They are all well and resting in their tents this afternoon. He said it was pretty windy at the top of the fixed lines so they made their cache quickly.

They will move to high camp (17,200') in the next few days, when the weather is good. The forecast is for steady winds until the upcoming Saturday or Sunday. Which will be fine for them, they will be all rested up and ready to move.

They will have some AMS Denali teams visiting them soon! Nate Opp, and Rodrigo Mujica's Teams are due to arrive at 14,200' this Saturday and Todd Passey and crew are planning to arrive on Sunday.

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