Wednesday, May 26, 2010

News From 14-camp

Peter Anderson called from 14,200 feet, with a report of great weather "downright hot and still", with clouds gathering over the summit. The kind of clouds that convince people that the summit is not that important. These lenticular clouds are indicators of high wind. We'll let you know if we get any weather reports from higher on the Mountain. Chances are, the folks at High Camp are looking up, waiting for the clouds to dissipate.
He also said that he, Nick, and the gang are resting today and will "take a walk to the Edge of the World", a popular activity on rest day at 14 camp for a little exercise and a fantastic view. They arrived there a couple of days ago and did a back carry yesterday. Tomorrow they will likely take a load up the fixed lines to 16,200 feet, then come back to their camp at 14,200 feet for another day of rest. When the weather is right and everyone is strong, they will start the transition to High Camp at 17,200 feet, which is a process that takes a few days.
~Nav sends out "Happy Birthday!" to his wife Laura!

We also heard that Nate Opp & his team did make it to the summit last night. Peter was guessing that Mark Postle's team might be making an attempt today, depending on the wind.

More when we hear more!
~ Blogger Julia

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