Friday, May 14, 2010

News from the mid mountain

Rodrigo Mujica called in just a bit ago. He said that his team and all the other AMS groups he saw are doing well. The climbing teams with Rodrigo, Todd Passey and Nate Opp all carried to 13,500' today. The weather is good in there now. Most likely these teams will move up to 14K in the morning assuming the weather is still good in the morning.

Mark Postle and his team just rolled into 11K a little earlier today. There are huge advantages to being poised right where Mark's team is! Mark is just enough days behind 3 other AMS expeditions that his team gets to roll into all of the camps with drinking water, soup, a kitchen to borrow and many helping hands for everything else. It's a great advantage to have friends on the mountain.

Pictured above are climbers heading up "Squirrel Hill" with the lower Peter's Glacier in the back ground. The photo shows the area just before the "Polo Field" which leads to Windy Corner, which is 13,200 feet and the cache spot is another 30-40 minutes beyond Windy Corner at 13,500' in the flats, 1-2 hours shy of 14.2K camp.

Peter Anderson and Nick D'Alessio began packing for the May 17th Denali Expedition today.

AMS Alumni, Daniel sits atop a summit in Little Switzerland.

The May 12 day Mountaineering Course, led by Josh Hoeschen and Matt Lee, flew into the Pika Glacier, AKA Little Switzerland this afternoon.


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