Sunday, May 30, 2010

Pat Ormond's Team

Weather depending, AMS Guide's Pat and Lisa and thier crew will be heading up to 14K today. They made a carry yesterday afternoon to 13.5K, around Windy Corner. It was super balmy (warm) yesterday. He said that his entire group was doing awesome!

First photo is a recent picture of 14,200 foot camp. I'm sure by now there are way more people in camp. In the back of the photo is "the edge of the world". Climbers usually go over there on a rest day. If the weather is clear they can see into the NorthEast Fork of the Kahiltna Glacier. You can see a trail over there in this photo.
Pat Ormond with crazy glacier hair below.


Therese said...

James and group,
So good to hear that everyone is doing "awesome". I wonder what "balmy" means. It was 90 in Missouri today!

jane said...

blessedJill and Douglas,
14K-Yea! You are awesome!!! Upper 80's in NW AR. The pool awaits! Love you, Mom

stlrich said...

Hey Douglas,
Did you bring your shoes this time?
Uncle Rich

Nena said...

Happy to hear everyone is going strong. I love you Paul!