Friday, May 21, 2010

Real time photos from the mountain.

One of our guides, Melis, took a whole bunch of photos of our teams just for the blog.

Eddie Cunningham at 11K. Looks like they just arrived. Mount Capps and the start of the N. Ridge of Kahiltna Dome in the background.

Part of Peter Anderson and Nick D'Alessio's team at 11K.

Geoff at 11K getting ready to take off his snowshoes and start setting up camp.

Matt and Tery

Mark Postle's team at 14K. They are taking a rest day today at 14.

Ken and Carlos at 14K.

Here's a message from Ken: "Kayly, K.J. and Laura- Daddy misses his girls and is doing great at 14K on Denali."

Ken Potashner at 14K with Mount Foraker in the back ground.

Sissell, Jeff and Rodrigo at 14K. Rodrigo, Jeff and Sissell arrived to high camp last night. It sounds like the weather is splitter (really good) up there today. Rodrigo said that they were doing really well and were all settled in when he left a message last night. If I had to guess I would say that they are going for the summit now. Don't hold me to that though.

When I saw Rodrigo calling last night I missed his call 'cause I was on the other line with Mike Janes at high camp as well. Mike and his crew are hiking down from high camp as we speak.

AMS guides Matt Montavon and Dustin English.



Anonymous said...

Lookin good Nick!! Big long distance hug! Katy

Anonymous said...

It was awesome too see a picture of my husband Shawn Peet, whom I haven't heard from a week thus far. If the message can be passed along please that his wife misses him terribly and that his jalopenos are looking good (thus far!). Thank you!!!!

cindy said...

Just wanted Nate and Larry to wish Dan Weeks a Happy birthday May 23 the Big 55. Hoping you got him to the top to celebrate.
Great job Dan, and the rest of the team. Take care, cant wait to hear from you.