Saturday, June 5, 2010

Blogs from Kirby & Flight Update

Kirby's crew decided to send messages today from Windy Corner.
  • From John: "Hi to Mom, Les & Janice and all supporters. Doing great, thanks for all your support. Love you lots, see you in a few weeks.
  • From David: "Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to all the folks back home!"
  • From Hal: "Great group, great time, hello to everyone. Polar bears are fierce."
  • From Tim: "Awesome to be back up here & we have a great crew."
  • From Kirby: "Cheers to Kristi, Carson & Corvin, Hope you are having fun!"
  • From Russell: "Beautiful, so grateful, Hi Sweet Nan"
They just carried a load to cache there at Windy Corner and were enjoying "no wind!" They said they have had very little snow and have had more heat than cold. They will head down to their camp. For tomorrow - Kirby said they will either take a rest day or move to 14,200 feet to set up camp there, they will wait to see how everyone is feeling.
Here is one of the views from Windy Corner: Base Camp is open, lots of flying! Nate & Kirk are here, Nick is back, Base Camp manager put him in an empty seat and said Peter is soon behind him with the rest of the crew. Leighan should be back soon, also. It's 63 degrees in the shade and very sunny in beautiful downtown Talkeetna.
~Blogger Julia

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