Thursday, June 3, 2010

Busy Day

Lots going on today!
Brent Langlinais & Todd Tumolo called to let us know that they are settled into High Camp (17,200 feet) after a successful tent swap with Peter Anderson & Nick D'Allessio's team.
Todd reported that it is overcast now with light wind. Last night they observed that Denali Pass was windy. Today was a rest day, the group is doing well.
Pat Ormond's team is on the way to high camp also.

Greg Runyan & Matt Lee are teaching courses here at AMS with the Kahiltna Dome crew, they have their harnesses on and are practicing roped glacier travel. They hope to fly tonight but are on hold with a weather delay for now.
~Blogger Julia


Nena said...

To Pat's team: We are thinking of you (all ofyou) especially Paul, Jill & Douglas. I love you, nena.

Anonymous said...

The Jill/Douglas/Paul Climbing Expedition Groupies took some Dramamine and are ready for High Camp.