Friday, June 11, 2010

Clouds cleared just in time...

Yesterday was so busy I didn't get a chance to update the blog!Photo by Al Cecil, from a scenic flight around 7 pm 6/10/10.
Here's the news:

Joe Butler & Beth Cleary's 6-day Mountaineering Course made it out of the mountains just before 10 pm last night!
Brent Langlinais & Todd Tumolo's Denali team made it out from Base Camp first thing this morning!
Pat Ormond & Lisa Van Sciver's Denali team made it out from Base Camp around noon!
They are all safe & sound and seem glad to be back in the green zone.
Todd Passey & Joey McBrayer's Denali team flew out of Talkeetna headed for Base Camp first thing this morning.
Mike Hammil, Larry Holmgren, Justin Dickens and their team were not far behind them, also headed for the West Buttress.

From the Mountain:
Kirby Senden & Russell Hunter's team they carried to 16,000 feet 2 days ago and rested yesterday. They are set to move up to High Camp today.
They gave us the snow report:
7-10" at Base Camp
30" at 14,200-feet18" at 17,200-feet

From AMS HQ:
Leighan Falley, Dusty Eroh & Matt Montavon are teaching classes already to their 12-day Mountaineering Course group. They are scheduled to fly out later today, and the conditions seem favorable at the moment.
The Green Light Circus (our local troupe, part of Denali Arts Council) is here consulting with guides Melis Coady, Eben Reckord & Rob Gowler for some special rigging they are working with. They are planning to do performances here in town next week; June 17-19 at 7:30pm each night.
Melis Coady & Mary Langham, pondering ropes & pulleys for a circus act.

Every single drying line is up and full!Bird's eye view...
~Blogger Julia

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