Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Denali 2010 ping pong tournament

Lieghan, Matt and Dusty checked in from the Pika this evening. Recent activities have included "rock scrambling, lowering into a crevasse, and rappelling down exit pass in snowy whiteout to check it out."

Kirby Senden and crew are at fourteen camp with snowy windy weather. They are waiting for good weather so they can move up and in the mean time are constructing an igloo.

Josh Hoeschen is heading down sometime later today or tomorrow. He says "the weather in the entire range is like the inside of a ping pong ball right now."

Greg and Dan's team are sitting in base camp hoping to fly out soon.

Melis and Eban are hanging out in town with their group still hoping to fly in. They spent the day hiking then doing some yard work at Melis's house. When asked exactly what kind of yard work they were doing the response was "everything!"

Pat and Lisa were all packed and ready to go home but are now all packed and ready to head back up onto Denali. A last minute trip came up and they are very excited to take it on.
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