Friday, June 18, 2010

Hang Day 4

Well it's day 4 for some. Melis & Eben's team have been very creative at using their Talkeetna Time. Yesterday they worked on rope skills, did a stove clinic (which was very in-depth and lasted much longer than I expected!), enjoyed lunch at a local eatery, went for a walk, tossed the football, watched movies at the AMS Mountain Shop and enjoyed juicy hamburgers and freshly baked french fries on the deck (during a spell of no rain). Later that evening, though, we can't take responsibility for their actions. Rumor has it some team members were sighted at the Fairview Inn (famous watering hole, it was "Hip Hop Night"). There are rumors of a cribbage game and a "tent simulation" in the AMS kitchen. Not sure who won this game of strip poker...
Correction: it was cribbage.

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J Buchwald said...

ok... well. You can't take a Buchwald anywhere.. and keep em' dressed!