Tuesday, June 1, 2010

June 1st

AMS Guide Leighan Falley called in from their Mount Dan Beard advanced base camp (see photo). The weather was splitter (that's how climbers refer to the weather when it's perfect). They were just about to go to bed. They are planning on launching "tomorrow" just after midnight. Mike Gibbs took this picture about a month ago just after they climbed the same route. I added to route line to his pic.Here's a photo of AMS Guide Pat Ormond from his climb of the Cassin Ridge on Denali last season with fellow guide Elliot Gaddy, Elliot is on paternity leave this summer! Pat called in a bit ago. They carried to the top of the fixed lines today. They were thinking of putting their cache in a bit higher on the ridge but it got a little "blustery" and there was an empty cache hole at 16,2oo' so they deposited their extra food fuel and equipment there. 16,200' is where 90% of Denali climbers put their caches at. Sometimes, if the weather is good we go a little higher about 20 minutes) just to avoid the crowds. Everyone did great today on Pat's team and they are all really psyched and motivated.

AMS Guides Brent Langlinis and Todd Tumolo's May 23rd team retrieved their cache today and they are just resting up today. Usually on cache days we sleep in until the sun cooks you out of the tent, eat a big pancake breakfast and leisurely do a back carry.

So that's the latest. All is good.


Anonymous said...

16,000 feet!- The Groupies are dizzy just thinking about it. GO TEAM ORMOND!!

Anonymous said...

Woo Pig Sooie!- The Jill/Douglas/Paul Climbing Expedition Groupies were happy to hear the TEAM was on their way and at 14K, now you're at 16K- we are dizzy!! Go TEAM ORMOND.

Therese said...

James and group,
Excited to hear about 16K and everything going good for everyone. Love hearing how everything is progressing up the mountain. Stay in touch.

jane said...

Jill/Douglas and rest of team,
Yea 16K...I'm with you all the way! Go team!!!
Mom too