Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A Little Flyin', A Little Hangin'

It's a cloudy day here in T-town, with reports of slightly better weather in the Range. Tim Hewette's West Buttress team was at the airport bright and early and were able to fly out. Since then the conditions have changed and we're back on weather hold. The folks at 14,200-foot camp tell us that it is calm up there and partly cloudy. Base Camp seems to have more cloud cover. Joe & Beth's 6-day Mountaineering Course will be flying out from the Pika Glacier as soon as the weather opens up.

Brent Langlinais' team went to the summit yesterday, they were packing up at High Camp getting ready to move down to 14-camp.
Pat Ormond's team also made their summit bid yesterday and are on the same schedule. Both teams anticipate being back to Base Camp Friday morning. We'll see if they fly off that day or not. We may not hear an update until they arrive at Base Camp and get in line for flights.
Greg Collins called from 14-camp to report that they plan to move to High Camp tomorrow, especially if it stays calm like it is today. He said it's "kinda cloudy but CALM."

The rain has let up here in town, four more groups are here packing, sorting and preparing. Todd Passey's West Buttress team is packed and ready to fly as soon as the weather permits. Mike Hamill's West Buttress team will finish their packing tomorrow and get staged to fly. Leighan, Matt & Dusty have started packing for their 12-day Mountaineering Course and are taking advantage of the break in the weather to test out the tents here in the yard. Brian's Glacier Trek group is on a weather delay and will meet tomorrow to do their final packing and try to fly in. We'll keep you posted on those groups again tomorrow. I'll see if I can get some photos.
~Blogger Julia


Anonymous said...

Congrats to all on Brent's team and most of all to Jason. Well done.
Dad, Mom, Stevie, Sydney and Sammy

Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS- Team Ormond!! Douglas you are AWESOME- The J/D/P Climbing Expedition Groupies .

Anonymous said...

Great update. So happy to see both teams made their summit. Congrats to everyone! Brent's team get down safe and to you all, I hope it was everything you all wanted and more. Tary get home safe we love you and are just so happy that this was such a successful trip.
Love You,

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Ed and to everyone on both teams! So proud of you Ed and can't wait to see you and hear all about it. We love you!

Love, Evanne, Ava, Emma, Jack and Maisy (who can't wait for you to get back to walk her at 5:45 am)

down cellar said...

congrats to Todd, Brent and Team! hope it was wonderful. safe trip home ! everyone in jersey!

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear Hewette's team got out and at least able to leave T-town. Hoping you all get better weather conditions. Frank, I'm so proud of you! Love, BD