Thursday, June 17, 2010

More June 17th

Sounds like folks on the Mountain have good conditions, they are moving and on schedule.

Mike Hamill's team with Larry Holmgren & Justin Dickens will be moving to 14-camp tomorrow. Todd Passey & Joey McBrayer's team is moving up to 14 today.
The word is that the conditions are "never bad" but they have had some gusts of wind up to 20-30 miles per hour. Generally, they say it is wet, a bit on the warm side, but the Kahiltna Glacier is in great shape.

Forest just called in with the PJs, they are awesome and cruising along! They are at 11,000 feet, and still thinking about single carries. Sounds like they can handle it.

Melis Coady & Eben Reckord are out for a nature walk with their team. They had a stove clinic today and Melis taught cooking lessons yesterday. So far, no flights back and forth to Base Camp for a couple of days. Sounds like there are about 60-70 people on either end waiting to fly - the famous "Talkeetna Hang". From what we've heard, everyone at Base Camp is doing well, staying entertained and eating plenty. Down here, we eat, stay active (alternating with naps) and ready for action if the air taxi calls. They still have the climbing wall to play on.

As soon as the weather clears, it's going to be mighty busy around here. Meanwhile, we've been getting projects done. Caitlin & Lisa planted some strawberry and raspberry plants in the garden yesterday along with nasturtiums. Birdwatchers have been enjoying listening to the fledglings hidden in the leafy forest, squawking, peeping and otherwise making a rucus while they demand food from their parents.
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