Friday, June 18, 2010

Mountain Time + update

Mike Hamill, Larry Holmgren, Justin Dickens and their team moved to 14-camp last night, late. Everyone is doing well!

Todd Passey & Joey McBrayer's team are doing a back-carry today from 14,200 down to get a cache; everyone is doing great! Melis got to talk to Joey (her husband). They are hoping to see each other up there on the route.

Tim Hewette & Alex Stroud called in this afternoon to say that they had gone up the fixed lines to cache at 16,200 feet today. They will rest tomorrow, then, if the weather is good and they are feeling well they will move to High Camp the next day. They said they are doing really well.

The upper part of the mountain was visible from town for a while late last night (rumor has it), and climbing was good up there, but still no flying here. There is optimism in the air.
~Blogger Julia

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