Monday, June 7, 2010

News From high camp

Brent Langlinais phoned in minutes ago. The winds were still too strong to make a go for the summit today, although they are calming a bit right now. They hope that this will hold on and they can make a go for the summit tomorrow. Guides Pat Ormond and his team are in the same situation up there, just waiting.

The AMS record for waiting at high camp is 11 nights! Let's hope they don't have to break that record! We are all hoping for calm skies in the future.

Usually when playing the waiting game at high camp the activities include: resting, eating, reading, playing cards, taking short walks and building snow block walls to get their blood moving, (I hear the AMS walls have been the best on the mountain), we like to work hard and sleep well up there!

We will keep you posted!


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