Monday, June 28, 2010

"Pretty Damn Hot Up Here"

The 14,200 foot base camp on Denali becomes an international city during climbing season. That's Mount Hunter (14,500ft) in the background.

The Gowler Report:

Rob Gowler just called in from the 14,000 foot camp where the team just arrived. It is a blue bird day up there but hot. Everybody is "super good." They will rest tomorrow and maybe move gear up higher.

Vernovage/D'Alesio's Team Czech along with Phil Ershler's team should be pulling into 14K camp today or tomorrow....perhaps they will phone in for a direct report.

Melis' team left 14K at 8:00 am this morning and should be pulling into high camp right about now.

Down here at 370 foot AMS base camp: the sun is shining and things are drying out. Butterball is lazing in the warm grass and I'm thinking about a cold beer.

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