Friday, June 25, 2010

Quiet Day in T-Town

Guides are here unpacking and wrapping up from expeditions, enjoying some fine weather after a little rain this morning. A huge salmon appeared for dinner last night (thanks to the King Slayer, Mike Hamill) and was too large to fit on the grill.

Melis & Eben's team is camped at 14,200 feet, they made a back-carry yesterday and were thinking about doing a carry up to 16,200 feet today. They were debating on taking a rest day. If not today, then they'll rest tomorrow before making the move up to 17,200 feet the following day. Sounds like good weather up high!

Rob, Mike & Beth are having a good time up at 11,000 feet. The team is strong and moving well.

Meanwhile, KTNA Talkeetna Community Radio (our next door neighbors) is hosting a party next door, with live music - it's the One Day Fundraiser! See you there!
Check out KTNA online!
~Blogger Julia

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