Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wounded Warriors Fly

The AMS Wounded Warriors Denali Prep Team landed at the Pika Glacier this afternoon. They spend the day "on hold", which means: spending most of the day in their "action suits" and boots, tying knots, practicing fixed line ascension, eating lunch (in sneakers), and playing the occasional match of ping pong.

Talkeetna local icon and grade school friend of one team member, Arthur Mannix came by to swap stories. I have photos to post if I can overcome a small technical hurdle.

This group of wounded veterans is getting out there to learn and practice the skills they need for attempting Denaliin 2011. Some of these vets are amputees, but you'd never know it around here. Part of this team includes surgeons and a prosthetics engineer who are learning more about the needs of the amputees in order to help facilitate their activities for resuming their lives after becoming wounded, which includes their goal of climbing Denali next year. It is a fantastic project for all involved. This is our second Wounded Warriors group. One of them has got us saying "Go Navy".

No word from AMS Guide Melis Coady yet today. She may call late tonight; they may be on night schedule. Hopefully they got their window to make their attempt!

Tom Bol - National Geographic photographer and instructor for our August 16-21 Photography Workshop - was here today, doing advance prep for the course. I wish I could go along with them; it will be awesome! He's great! Super fun, laid back... any photographers out there, or wannabes?
Here is the description: Denali Photo Workshop
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