Saturday, July 24, 2010

Glacier Ninja Life on the Mountain

Getting to know each other at the 14,000 foot camp....for 10 days.
Not quite the summit (darn that higher piece of rock behind and Mount Foraker to the right.) This is the Edge of the World at the 14,200 camp.
As Belmore Browne says in his failed 1912 expedition: "Heading down was as heartless a piece of work as I have ever know."
All smiles with sunshine, beer and less clothes back at 370 feet elevation.

Despite preparation, training and teamwork, the one thing you can not control is the weather. Well done Glacier Ninjas for returning safely, making new friends and learning new skills.

Meanwhile, Joey and his 12 Day Mountaineering Course awaits pick up on the Pika Glacier. It is most likely not going to happen today.

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