Saturday, July 17, 2010

Glacier Ninjas hanging tight

Leighan Falley called in from 14-camp around 12:30pm, with Todd, Chris, Dusty, Arnaud, Lance, Ulrica, Tapi, Vidar & Elin. They have been getting some more weather! They watched a lightning storm last night and had wind speeds up to 50 m.p.h. They are snug, with good walls around their tents and plenty of hot food to eat. They have been spending lots of time digging out from the multiple snowfalls; they have received several feet of new snow. The group is in good spirits, enjoying their position. They will wait to move up until the weather improves and the snow settles a bit. I passed along greetings from Nancy to Leighan!

Nick & Beth returned on schedule with the Glacier Trek family last night. The family had opted to add a scenic flight, so they all got awesome views of many parts of the Alaska Range. They saw a lenticular cloud over the North Peak of Denali, indicating that the teams below were experiencing or bracing for high wind.

There are not many people up on Denali right now and the teams look out for one another. The Glacier Ninjas have been in touch with another team who is at High Camp and reported they are planning to either go "up or down" today. Leighan thinks that team is opting for an "up" attempt. She thinks they probably got "beat up" by the wind, but it depends on how solid their camp reinforcement walls were.

Expedition teams on Denali must work together to build and maintain camps...Then they can enjoy the shelter! Nice walls keep you warmer, more relaxed and help you sleep better, too. Here is view of a camp shelter at High Camp...~Blogger Julia


taro said...

Hello Julia,
Please keep on updating every next progress of Glacier Ninjas were Mr. Tapi Mra is one of them. Prayer from Taro Opey Foundation, Ziro, India for success of Glacier Ninjas particularly for Mr. Tapi who are on the way to Mt. Denali summit point. I can imagine the thrilling moment of Glacier Ninjas sheltering under the tents which are being are fortified with few feet height of snow wall at 14,200 ft. in the midst of Alaska ranges and watching & waiting for weather to move upwards with determination is a real challenging, but safety is the first factor.

Every next moment I do visit your web site for updated news of Glacier Ninjas.

Good luck for Glacier Ninjas!

Taro Chatung, Arunachal State, India.

Taro said...

Hello Julia,

I read updated news on Glacier Ninjas. I can imagine the challenging situation of Glacier Ninjas who are now sheltering under their tents which are being fortified with few feet height snow wall at 14,200 ft. in the heart of the Alaska rangers who are waiting for good weather since few days to move up higher altitude.

At this moment a lot of prayers from people of Arunachal State and Taro Opey Foundation, Ziro, India in particular for success of Glacier Ninjas where Mr. Tapi Mra is one of the members.

Please convey it to Glacier Ninjas. Julia, please keep on updating every next progress of this expedition to Mt. Denali.

Taro Chatung, Arunachal State, India.