Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Glacier Ninjas Have Landed/ Team Melis Returns

Ams Guide Leighan Falley and her team of Glacier Ninjas were not able to attend the cultural event planned for them at the local museum. They received the phone call to get to the airport immediately as there was a weather window. They are currently at the 7,200 foot Kahiltna Base Camp. Their adventure begins.

This means that all of Melis and Eben's team just returned from the glacier! They are returning two days later than planned, and are now back safe and sound. They are sorting gear and walking around in flip flops, marveling over flush toilets and running water. They had to wait five days to start the expedition and two days to get back yet they still managed to summit Denali in only 16 days. That is very impressive. Congratulations and welcome back to the green grass!

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