Monday, July 5, 2010

News From the Hill

Gowler's team is resting today, winds are strong up high so they are not able to make a summit attempt.

Ershler's team and Vernovage's Czech team are both heading down from 17K after making the summit on July 4th...well done.

Meanwhile, back at basecamp....two (the Olson's) of Melis' team got out along with one very lucky AMS office employee (me.) We were picked up this morning around 10:00 am while it was snowing lightly. We were very fortunate that the pilot opted (with some persuading from AMS) to do their glacier landing flightseeing trip onto the Kahiltna. There were 7 flightseers on board which got to share the plane with us stinky climbers. We're hoping for another break in the weather to get the rest of the team out. When we left their duties were to pack the runway...using their snowshoes. There's plenty of food there and we celebrated the 4th with some fireworks. They were hard to see in the continually daylight but it is not a July 4th celebration I'm likely to forget where I was. Pictures to follow.

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