Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Rain Down Here, Snow Up There

This is the view from an overlook in Talkeetna as of this morning. It is not actually raining at the moment but the fog is low. It continues to snow at 14K. Leighan taught the team an avalanche class yesterday. They remain in high spirits and with high hopes for a change in the weather...and we do as well.
Meanwhile...between shoveling snow there is book reading, telling tall tales, and lots of eating.

Blogger Laura

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Taro said...

Hello Laura,
It was 7.30 pm 21st July 2010 I read news in your blog about the position of Glacier Ninjas are still at 14k due to bad weather. At this moment I can only pray for them. However I am happy to know that they are keeping hope with high spirits.
Kindly convey Mr. Tapi mra and others my best wishes and prayers for success of Mt. Denali expedition.
Taro Chatung, Ziro, India