Monday, July 5, 2010

Evening Update

Vernovage and Ershler's team decided the winds were too strong on the ridge between 17k and 16k so they went back up to the 17K camp. All three teams are now happily at 17K waiting for a break in the weather to make their next move; be it up or down.

Greg Runyan's Advanced Mountaineering Course is still on the Pika Glacier awaiting a pick up. Josh Hoeschen's Denali Challenge/Prep course is also on the Pika but are not due out until July 10. Leighan's Denali team was not able to get into base camp. They are presently watching a Nova movie starring AMS owners, Colby and Caitlin, called Deadly Ascent: Climbing North America's Highest Peak.
Melis, Eben and the four remaining (Kriss, Dave, Joe and Doug) were not able to get out of base camp. (Debbie and Alan are feeling a tad guilty but still went directly to the Roadhouse for lunch...even before taking showers.)
Pete Anderson's 6-Day Mountaineering course has flexibility about where to go but nothing is flyable at the moment. They spent the day going over tent set up.

Let's hope for better weather tomorrow.

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