Sunday, August 22, 2010

Photo Workshop Submissions by Tom Bol

The Photo Workshop was pretty cool.

We covered a lot in 6 days and I can't wait to see what the participants send as their top picks. We were a fun group and became quiet a team. Thanks to Tom Bol's endless enthusiasm I have a whole new appreciation for taking pictures. I can't wait till next year to do it again.
standing by, Colby

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Photography Workshop Students Dine at AMS

Dinner for our first Denali Photography Workshop. The first two days of the workshop they got experience shooting in the rain. Now, the weather is warm and sunny and they're camping out the next two nights. Tom Bol (blue jacket) and Colby Coombs (orange jacket) are the instructors. (Butterball is in back begging for meat scraps)

Photography Workshop in Full Swing

Butterball and I had to be models for the photography class on remote lighting. Really, they just wanted Butters, but she wouldn't cooperate without me by her side.

Tom Bol instructs students in AMS' first photography workshop...we'll be offering it in 2011 as well. The students are off to the Peters Hills for a two-night outing and some tundra shooting. It is not raining, there are patches of blue sky and the fall colors are just starting. It should be fantastic!
I'm hoping they send some of their results for me to post on this page, stay tuned,

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Monday, August 16, 2010

We're Still Going....

Here at AMS headquarters, we're enjoying proper cups of tea, courtesy of 2010 Denali expedition team member and Londoner Geoff Loughborough.


Joey McBrayer's 12 Day Mountaineering Course made it onto the Pika Glacier Friday. Although it is raining here now they had good weather over the weekend. On Thursday, day 3 of waiting, they drove down to the Matanuska Glacier and did some climbing there. They got back at 11:00 PM and had a 7:00 AM wake up call for an 8:30 AM flight.

Tom Bol and Colby Coombs have the enthusiastic Denali Photography workshop students here. They are spending a couple days in Talkeetna photographing this "quaint little drinking village with a climbing problem." I hope to post some of their photos in the next couple of days. I know a few of them saw a black bear down at the river...

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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Nick and Alex Head South

Butterball (sad dog on right) and the rest of the AMS staff said goodbye to Guides Alex Stroud (on left) and Nick D'Alessio this afternoon. Alex is headed to Montana, Utah, Yosemite, etc. for climbing, climbing and climbing. Nick is visiting family in New Hampshire before returning to Girdwood, AK for a winter of skiing. It was great having them here this summer but they'll be back and ready for the Alaska Range next Spring.

Operations Manager Rob Gowler snuck out of town a couple of days ago...I didn't get a picture of this international man of mystery, but it is believed that he can be found somewhere around Moab and eventually beaches further south. Look for a bus and surfboards somewhere warm. Adios amigo

12 Day Mountaineering Course In Progress

Guide Joey McBrayer explains the finer points of tent set up to students.
Rain doesn't mean no class. Guides Greg Nappi and Joey head down to the river for some "glacier" scenarios. As of this writing the rain has stopped and there is a brightening in the sky... We're hopeful they will be able to fly in tomorrow. Besides I don't think the students can handle another night at the Fairview Inn.

When they do get to the glacier they should be able to get right into climbing because they did a lot of the ground school in Talkeetna.

Blogger Laura

Blogger Laura

Just Married!

AMS guide, Leighan Falley and National Park Mountaineering Ranger, Tucker Chenoweth were wed last week in a lovely ceremony surrounded by family and friends. It was a four day event that included a bachelor and bachelorette raft trip, two receptions, a party at the Fairview, fishing and lots of fun. The couple leave today for a honeymoon to Maui. Why Hawaii in summer you might ask....because it is cold and rainy here and has been most of the summer. They are looking forward to some warmth, sunshine and surf.

Aloha and Best Wishes from your family at AMS.

Photo by AMS guide, Karen Hilton

Catching Up at AMS

Sorry I haven't kept up with the blog...the wedding festivities preventing my covering the action going on in the mountains.

This is Guide Betsy Young with Winter on their Glacier Trek.

Amazingly they were able to get in and out on the scheduled day!

The Mountain House at the Ruth Amphitheater.
Winter and Lisa by the Mountain snow around the hut which is typical of late season on the glacier. The Mountain House sits on a rocky outcropping a few hundred feet above the glacier.

Alex and Beth were down at the Matanuska Glacier teaching teenagers ice climbing and glacier travel skills.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wow, It's August and We're Still Climbing

There is a tinge of yellow in the foliage but we are still going strong here at AMS world headquarters. Guide Betsy Young with Winter and Lisa flew into the Ruth Glacier for an overnight Glacier Trek. Have Fun!