Monday, August 16, 2010

We're Still Going....

Here at AMS headquarters, we're enjoying proper cups of tea, courtesy of 2010 Denali expedition team member and Londoner Geoff Loughborough.


Joey McBrayer's 12 Day Mountaineering Course made it onto the Pika Glacier Friday. Although it is raining here now they had good weather over the weekend. On Thursday, day 3 of waiting, they drove down to the Matanuska Glacier and did some climbing there. They got back at 11:00 PM and had a 7:00 AM wake up call for an 8:30 AM flight.

Tom Bol and Colby Coombs have the enthusiastic Denali Photography workshop students here. They are spending a couple days in Talkeetna photographing this "quaint little drinking village with a climbing problem." I hope to post some of their photos in the next couple of days. I know a few of them saw a black bear down at the river...

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