Tuesday, November 16, 2010

AMS Lends Film Crew Support to "Sarah Palin's Alaska"

The snow covered 'bump' mid-ground is Michio Point in early season. Michio Point is the northern most point of Mount Barrill (7,650ft) located in the Ruth Glacier. It is named for Michio Hoshino, a well known nature and wildlife photographer. Hoshino was killed by a grizzly bear in Russia in 1996. He regularly visited the Alaska Range with youth groups from Japan. This point is locally named in his remembrance.

Todd Palin, Willow Palin, guide Brian McCullough, Sarah Palin and AMS owner Colby Coombs on the set at AMS.

Over five millions viewers watched the first episode of Sarah Palin's Alaska on TLC Sunday evening. Alaska Mountaineering School provided technical film crew support and skills instruction in Talkeetna for the Palins' glacier trek.

The AMS headquarters became a film set for a day in July and one in August 2010. They filmed the family gearing up and getting ready for their Glacier Trek which went to Michio Point on the Ruth Glacier.

Please note that in August, when this program was filmed, it was late season and the snow was at its minimum exposing the older, bare ice. The glacier revealed the ash layer from the March 2009 eruption of Mount Redoubt. On Michio Point, the snow had completely melted, showing the bare rock that Palin climbed. The summit of Mount McKinley is ten miles northwest as the crow flies from this location.

AMS takes people to this location every year. Glacier Treks are great for adventurous travelers to explore Denali National Park & Preserve. Please contact us for more information, no previous climbing experience is necessary.

We look forward to climbing with you!

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