Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Mid-Winter Update

Busy day in the AMS Office! It's an all-girls day, dogs included.

Laura has the view to the West, processing enrollments.

Frannie is enjoying the spacious kitchen table, helping us with end of season reports.

Julia and Sienna have the East side, goofing off!

Here's what it's like outside ~ Winter Wonderland! The sun is rising just before 10 am and setting just after 3:30pm. We are losing about 4 minutes of daylight each day. If you want to get outside you have to time it right or ski by headlamp. Only 3 more weeks until Winter Solstice, when the days start getting longer!

We got our wish on Thanksgiving Day, the rain quit and the snow came down in big flakes. The power went out around 6:30pm and stayed out all night for most people in the area. A candle-lit evening!

Tomorrow we'll have an enrollment update for you.
Ciao for now,
~Blogger Julia

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