Tuesday, December 14, 2010

AMS Guide Runs Across Alaska for Wounded Warriors

Matt Montavon, came to us as an Intern in 2009. Proving himself quite capable, he went on to guide for us in 2010. Matt was one of three guides on a 12 Day Mountaineering Course for combat wounded veterans this past summer. From that experience, Matt is taking on a new challenge in 2011-- running 1100 miles across the state of Alaska to raise awareness for the recognition of combat wounded veterans and to help raise financial support for the Wounded Warriors Project. Some of those same vets are coming back this year for an attempt on Denali and Matt will be one of their guides...after he completes his run, that is.

For more information on his project and how you can help go to: endorphinchase.com

Run, Matt, Run!

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