Sunday, December 5, 2010


Denali National Park and Preserve (DNP) is requesting comments regarding the current park plan that allows only 25% of total climber permits on Mount McKinley (Denali) be for guided climbers.

AMS kindly requests that you comment to DNP regarding this issue.

The comment deadline is Monday, December 6, 2010. (Update: Now Dec. 13th at midnight.)

The number of climbers on Denali has remained relatively static in the last ten years, yet the percentage of guided climbs has steadily increased.

Because interest in guided expeditions is increasing, DNP is working to determine how to accommodate this demand, while assuring that wilderness resource values, visitor experience, and other park resources are protected.

We believe all climbers deserve equal opportunity on Denali.

Please let Denali National Park know that you are in favor of guided expeditions.

Comments may be submitted to the NPS here:

The comment online feature does not appear to be working properly, so we suggest you comment to the project planners though the above web link.

Some comment points:

· Both guided and non-guided climbers deserve equal opportunity to climb Denali.

· Remove the 25% allocation of guided climbing permits on Denali. Denali National Park (DNP) mountain guiding companies are already regulated by their highly functional concession contracts.

· A guided climber has NEVER displaced individual climbers on Denali.

· Qualified climbers wishing to join a guided climb have been turned away from climbing Denali, because of the limits of the guiding companies DNP contracts. The 25% allocation of guided climber permits, further restricts guided climbers.

· Any regulation on Denali should regulate the West Buttress route only. Denali National Park’s planning efforts need to recognize that the area of greatest activity is only the West Buttress route of Denali. Not the other routes on the mountain.

Please contact AMS for more information regarding this topic or find out more from Denali National Park and Preserve at:

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