Friday, April 15, 2011

" the very tippy top"

Seth Hobby Photo, on the Moose's Tooth Summit Ridge, with The Japanese Couloir, Mount Barrill in the immediate background. The Japanese Couloir (just left and down from the center of the photo - click to enlarge) angles up and right and ends on the snow covered summit.

AMS Instructor/Guides Dan Corn & Joey McBrayer called in just now with Rutger, they are standing on the tippy top of Mount Barrill! They ascended via the Japanese Couloir and are now enjoying the view on a spectacular day from 7,650 feet above sea level.

They have been base camping with Kevin Mahoney and Geoff. After battling loads of snow, they are rappelling into a big crack in the Ruth Glacier for training, preparing for an attempt on Barrill tomorrow.

All are well, Rutger says "Hi!", Joey says "Hi to Little Judy & Melis!"
Cheers from the sun-drenched office in TKA,
~Blogger Julia

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