Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ruth climbers

Everyone called in today. Pictured here, to the left is the South Face of Mount Dan Beard. Kevin Mahoney and Geoff are on route as we speak. I didn't actually talk to Kevin today, but Joey called in while on route on the South Eastern shoulder of Mount Dan Beard. They were having a great time on the ridge. Joey, Dan and Rutger are having a blast and were already talking about their next route objective.

Guide, Zack Shlosar called in from camp. They made an attempt on Mount Dickey yesterday. They ran into lots of snow on that side of the mountain which made them decide to eventually return to camp. Regardless, they are having a good time. They are heading back to the Mountain House in the morning.

These photos are of the Ruth Gorge area. The Ruth Gorge is a very large area. You can see why climbers from all over the world show up. The Mountain House is a place that a lot of climbers like to stay at as well as the general public who have zero mountaineering experience.

There is something for everyone in the Alaska Range.


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