Friday, May 13, 2011

4/25 Denali Ormond Team All Well

Well, What a time for Blogger to shut down for updates. We have been trying to post updates since yesterday. Happily it seems to be working smoothly now.

The AMS 4/24 Ormond West Buttress Team reached the Top of North America, 20, 320' on May 11, at aproximatley 10:00 pm, they returned to their high camp and were snug in bed by 2:45 AM on the 12th. They rested yesterday at high camp while waiting for the gusty winds to calm down. This morning (5/13) they are planning to make their way down to the 14,200' camp. The weather is clear, calm and sunny!

We look forward to seeing this gang back in Talkeetna as early as tomorrow !!!


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