Monday, May 9, 2011

Denali 4/25, Ormond, High Camp & Denali 5/2, Homgren at 14,200'

Photo: AMS guide Christian March high on the ridge between 16,200' and 17, 200' on the way into high camp.

Pat Ormond called in this morning from High Camp. They had a little over a nine hour day yesterday moving from thier camp at 14,200' to high camp at 17,200'. The weather is pretty close to perfect for them today with sunshine and very light winds. They are taking a much needed rest day today. Many climbers think that the move day to high camp is almost as hard as summit day. It is the norm to take a rest day the day after arriving to high camp.

Larry Holmgren of the May 2 AMS Denali Team rolled into 14,200' camp yesterday. They were able to move into Pat's old camp. They didn't have to dig a kitchen, which can take hours, and they got to move into the 4/25 teams wind walls, which can also take hours. The move from 11K to 14K is also a very hard day, so to roll into camp and have a nice camp already built is pretty SWEET!


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