Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Denali 4/27, Ormond, HC

I talked to AMS Guide Pat Ormond a little bit ago. There was no wind at high camp this morning, so they are going to suit up and "go for a little walk". It is pretty cold up there right now, as it almost always is.

Their camp has been in the sun since 7:00 AM. Early season AMS teams usually pack up their summit gear and then go back to our passive solar heated tents to eat breakfast. Then, to climb in the warmest temperatures we aim to depart camp between 10:00 -11:00 AM or so. The first hurdle is 2-3 hours of climbing up Denali Pass. Once they get to the top of the pass they will determine if today is a good day to go for the summit or not.

This photo from a previous expedition is the start of the route up to Denali Pass, you can see high camp in the background and the faint line is the trail in the snow leading from camp..

AMS guide Nate Opp (AKA, Nopp, the Optimator, Special Opps, Opie) just flew out and said that the winds were picking up a little bit in the Alaska Range. Given that information, and judging by the SPOT tracker that Hal (one of the climbers on the 4/25 Expedition) I'd guess that the 4/25, Ormond team is holding tight at high camp for now.


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Alaska Mountaineering School said...

Hi all....this is for the Pat Ormond team.....especially Dana and Reid.....we are following the Spot closely and are so excited for the progress you all are achieving in spite of winds etc.... Wow!!!!....we send all our reserve energy your way for warmth and strength for the push! Bon Chance....stay safe.....of course.....know you are in our thoughts hourly night and day!!!!

Blessings on all who are doing this fabulous adventure. A real team effort! Bravo and Brava....

Here's to hearing your voices from the AMS school!

Hugs and love
Mom and Dad aka Maria and Dan