Friday, May 6, 2011

5/2 Denali - Holmgren

Larry Holmgren called in today from 10,000' (Kahiltna Pass, about where this photo was taken).

The weather is perfect right now in there. Larry, Russell and Beth and the rest of the gang are all moved into 11K camp. Today is a semi rest day. All they have to do today is pick up their cache just down the hill from camp and head back up into camp. It takes about 20 minutes to get to Kahiltna pass and an hour and a half to get back up that hill again. For these guys and gals on the mountain this is a pretty mellow day in the mountains. For someone who has not trained like these climbers have, today would be a tough day in and of itself.

Larry said that they plan on carrying a bunch of food, fuel and other odds and ends (like extra socks, toilet paper, books, and whatever else they don't absolutely need) to 13.5K, about 30 minutes on the other side of Windy Corner. Tomorrow's carry will probably take them about 7 hours. It's a tough day, but not as tough as the next day when they have to break down camp, move all the way to 14K and build and set up a new camp.

Maybe the'll get to move intoPat Ormond's camp if he moves up to high camp soon and no one else sneaks into it.

Everyone on the 5/2 team is doing great!

Foraker is the big one in the back, Crosson is the smaller (but still big) peak in front of Foraker. Peak 12,472 is right of Crosson. Nate and his crew are probably camped in or right around this saddle. The horizontal ridge is foreshortened and out of view.

Larry talked to Nate Opp (Foraker) last night on the radio. Nate , Craig and Bryan have gone up and over Mount Crosson and are camped between Crosson and Peak 12,472'. Their next objective now is to get a camp and a cache established at the end of the horizontal ridge between Pk. 12,472' and the Sultana Ridge of Foraker. The WX. is good right now, so I'm sure they are working hard to make more forward progress.

This is Craigs second attempt at climbing Foraker. He was on it two years ago when they experienced over 10 days in a row of very stomy weather. They are off to a good start this time, that's for sure.

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Anonymous said...

Hope everyone is enjoying an experience like no other! So a big Hello from New Mexico, we need Ice! Safe climb, good luck, love you Duane, your friend Daniel D.

Anonymous said...

Let's see, 10 below at 10,000 feet? Sounds like a typical day at the top of the San Luis Valley!

Good luck, team!