Sunday, May 15, 2011

5/2 Expedition, Larry Holmgren

Larry Holmgren just called in about an hour ago. (1:30 PM) from Denali Pass. They are on their way to the summit/cumbre/acme/zenith/pinnacle/tip top. He didn't say what time they left camp, but he said they are doing great and were going to keep going. The weather is really good up high right now. There are some low level clouds but that's about it. If I had to guess I'd say they are about an hour from the Football field. They may or may not check back in tonight, so don't wait up for for an update. Denali Pass is near the top of the photo and just left of center. The route up to the Pass is called the Audubon. Generally speaking, the stretch of "trail" up to the Pass (the Audubon) the the longest bit that a group will do in one push without a rest break. Usually over 2 hours of arduous climbing.
This is also a shot of Denali Pass. Taken from the east looking west. From the obvious low point (the pass) the route takes the left hand skyline along the left hand side of the rocks in the photo. The glacier in the foreground is called the Harper Glacier.


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