Thursday, May 26, 2011

AMS Denali Update 5/25 at 5:00 PM Alaska Time

Below are the AMS teams currently climbing Denali; their start date and Lead guide / team name:

5/16 - TnT (Todd Passey and Todd Tumolo) is at 14K feet and resting. They are well.
5/19 - Seth Hobby's Norsk Team, just arrived at 14K, all is well....Skol!
5/21 - Collins' Upper West Rib Team, called in 5:oo PM, They are "happy little campers" at 14K
5/22 - Leighan Falley, texted at 5:oo PM, "at 11,000 feet, McBrayer team is with us and all is good"
5/23 - JoeyMcBrayer, Just behind Team Falley and doing great.
5/24 - Team Spagnoli/Opp is at the base of Ski Hill, 7,900 feet

Weather on the mountain is very nice and teams are either moving up or resting. We have no teams camped above 14,200 feet. As teams call in we will post their progress.

We also have custom climbing happening on the Kahiltna and Ruth glacier areas as well as a 6 Day Mountaineering Course departing this afternoon.

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