Monday, May 9, 2011

Denali 5/2, Holmgren

AMS Guide Larry Holmgren with the Denali May 2 expedition phoned in from 14,200' on the West Buttress Route today as well. He says the weather is beautiful and all is great with the team.

Today they went down glacier to pick up their cached food and fuel, tomorrow they will take a well deserved rest day to acclimatize, re-organize their equipment and review some fixed line technical skills. On the 11th they plan to carry up the fixed lines with extra food and fuel for high camp and on the 12 they will rest again (a great strategy for acclimatizing). On the 13th they will see how everyone feels and if all is well with climbers and weather they will move up to high camp.
....5/10 addition...
Sorry to leave you hanging there!...At high camp, climbers typically rest a day and then go for it the next day if the weather is perfect and everyone is feeling well.

Way to go team!

- Caitlin


boze knoz said...

Or for the summit with long rest and focus. Have a blast duane Netz. THinking of you daily. proud

Anonymous said...

Looks like the weather is clearing for you guys. Temps to 25 above!

Best of luck to all, sounds like you're getting close!

... Hobbit

Susan said...

Rooting for Dan the Man from Dix Hills, New York!!! Go mountainman!

Susan said...

Rooting for Dan the Man from Dix Hills, New York! Go Mountain Man!