Tuesday, May 31, 2011

May 31, 5:00 PM Update

Greg Collins 5/21 Upper West Rib called in from high camp at 3:30 PM (17,200 ft.) of the West Buttress. The winds are mellow and temperatures are -15C (5F). They will make a summit attempt tomorrow, weather permitting. I guess they are not attempting the Rib and staying on the Buttress.

Hobby's Norsk Team is pulling into high camp right about now. They'll probably rest and make a summit attempt on Thursday.

We haven't heard from the other teams...but according to their schedule:

Falley 5/22: Moving to 17,200 on 6/1
McBrayer 5/23: Moving to 17,200 on 6/3
Team Spagnoli 5/24: Moving to 17, 200 on 6/4
Russell Hunter 5/30: They should be camped at 7,800 feet and do a carry to 10,000 feet. This means they will haul gear up to 10K, cache it there and then head back down to 7,800 feet to sleep. This is a good way to acclimate.

14K Camp with Mount Foraker in the background. Foraker is 17,400 feet tall; the third highest mountain in the United States.

Here's a link to weather on the Mountain

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